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4 June 2010

AT&T lost a primary cable bundle feeding the central office in Raleigh this evening at 4:35 EDT. After a bit over seven hours, they have made repairs and tested the equipment successfully. The repair is temporary, though. Ultimately they will need to replace a huge cable by digging up what is probably going to be three hundred square miles of prime real estate; hey, that's how big telco companies operate. Once that new cable is in-ground, the splice over should be a no brainer. Those repairs will take place sometime next week.

The problem ultimately stems from all the rain we have been experiencing over the past several weeks. The ground is saturated and, when under pressure from all that water, it begins to seep into even the most reinforced cable. I suspect the new cable they install will be of somewhat greater leak resistance now that they see there is a potential problem. It would be nice to get them to put in one of those undersea cables so that water will never affect it again. But once they did that, we would probably have a rabid mole chew its way through it.

Sometimes you just can't win....

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