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2005 Reports

9 November 2005

One of the CSU/DSUs in our router set itself up with a loopback this morning and took down one of our telco lines. The only way to revert the loopback is to power cycle the router, i.e., turn it off then back on. It takes about 30 seconds or so for the router to come back up and when it does all is fine.

Normally we would power cycle the router every month or so during our regular maintenance schedule, but since we did this one outside of that window I count it against downtime.

10 February 2005

We have found and solved the email problem. A client's large email was caught in a loop with another server and bogging down the machine. The problem has been fixed and mail is furiously delivering and the client has been flogged :)

10 February 2005

At approximately noon today, one of the email servers stopped delivering received mail into the POP inboxes. We are still working to pinpoint the issue and will make another update when the mail is delivering again.

We are receiving all email, so nothing has been lost. It is just currently on the email server waiting for delivery.

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