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Why are my MGI tags not working or displaying?

Your MGI tags may not be working for several reasons.

If you are using MGI version 2, make sure that your pages end with the ".mgi" suffix. If you put MGI tags on an ".html" page, they will not be processed and will simply be passed through as text to your browser.

Second, each type of hosting account (Basic, Enhanced, Commerce) has access to specific MGI modules and tags. Make sure that your hosting account gives you access to the tags you are using. You can view the chart of tags available for each account. You can easily upgrade your hosting account by sending an email to if you wish to use additional MGI tags.

Finally, make sure that your MGI tag syntax is correct. Check the tag name, spelling, spacing, etc. If you spell an MGI tag incorrectly, the tag will not be recognized and will simply be removed from the code when processed.

If you have checked all of the items listed above and are still having problems, please contact us at

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